Two young people using phones for social media SOCIAL STRATEGY

The Grilled Cheese Effect

ARE YOU MANAGING YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA WITH THE GRILLED CHEESE EFFECT? I’m pretty sure you clicked through from the title…

improving spelling and grammar in the classroom CONTENT MARKETING STRATEGY

Spelling and Grammar- They Matter!

  “Spelling doesn’t matter.” That’s what my son’s 6th-grade teacher told his class a few years ago. Spelling doesn’t matter!…

LinkedIn dos and don'ts for creating a network SOCIAL TIPS AND TRICKS

LinkedIn Dos and Don’ts For Small Business

LinkedIn is one of those social platforms that most small business professionals have, but don’t necessarily know how to utilize…

social media tips for realtors that can help boost your audience SOCIAL STRATEGY TIPS AND TRICKS

5 Social Media Tips for Realtors and Mortgage Brokers

  As a self-employed realtor or mortgage broker, you KNOW the competition is stiff. There are literally thousands of other…

social media magnet SOCIAL TIPS AND TRICKS

Social Media is Not a One-Way Street

  Social media is just that – SOCIAL! As a small business owner or self-employed professional, you know the power…

Workshops & Events

Instagram for Small Business Workshop

As a small business owner or self-employed professional, your social media presence is the online face of your business. No…

West Niagara Small Business Network

Here at The Social Gourmet, we believe strongly in nurturing connections with fellow small business owners, both online and off….