Spelling and Grammar- They Matter!


“Spelling doesn’t matter.” That’s what my son’s 6th-grade teacher told his class a few years ago. Spelling doesn’t matter! I wanted to march down to the school and strangle her! What planet is she on?! Clearly not a planet where she is responsible for marketing a business.

If you are using social media to market your business, whether it be real estate, a local dance studio, or a retail shop downtown, spelling and grammar matter! And they matter BIG TIME!


Imagine Spelling Errors on Your Print Materials… 

Think of it like this – if you hired a printing company to print business cards or postcards, would you accept those cards and hand them out to your clients and potential clients if they had spelling or grammatical errors on them? Of course not! And why not? Because those business cards and postcards are going out into the community as physical representations of your business, and you certainly don’t want them filled with errors.

*Side note – I have been handed 3 separate postcards by 3 separate businesses over the past few months that have had spelling errors on them. Proofread! Please!


Now What About Spelling Errors on Social Media?

Think of your social media posts in exactly the same way. Every….single…..time….you post something to your business’ social media page it is going out into the world as a representation of your company. And typos, spelling errors, grammatical errors, etc, reflect poorly on both you and your business. At the very least it makes your viewers think you can’t be bothered to proofread before you post. And at the very worst, it turns people off so badly that they no longer want to deal with your company. Just ask a grammar nerd (go ahead, ask me!) if they will take their business elsewhere if there are consistent spelling and grammatical errors on a company’s social media account. The answer (from a self-proclaimed grammar nerd) is an emphatic YES!!!

One typo makes you human. Consistent carelessness makes me question how well you treat your customers. Because if you don’t care enough to spend the time nurturing the online voice of your business, then are you going to take the time to nurture relations with your clients? And if your social media is clearly being treated as an afterthought, do you treat your customers that way as well?




Spend The Time to Proofread Every Post

I know what you’re thinking. “But my social media IS an afterthought because I’m so busy with my clients.” Ok, point taken. But even if that’s the case, do you want the online voice of your business to be riddled with spelling and grammatical errors? Likely not. Spend the extra 30 seconds to proof it and then proof it again. Read it out loud and sloooooooowly to make sure it’s correct before you hit post.

And if you decide that hiring a social media manager is the way to go, then do your research before you hire them. Not all social media managers are created equal, and sadly, not all can string a sentence together. Read their posts. Read their clients’ posts. Are there typos? Spelling errors? Grammatical errors? Punctuation errors? And if so, do you want them to be the online voice of your company? It pains me (truly!) to see the number of posts sent out by social media managers, to the pages of unsuspecting clients, that are literally riddled with errors. Do your homework before you hire, and make sure they will treat your business as they would their own.

So the next time you’re tempted to rush through a Facebook post just to get it out there quickly, think of that post like a business card you are sharing with the world, and take the time to get it right.

Spelling DOES matter!


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Spelling and Grammar- They Matter!

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