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Spelling and Grammar- They Matter!

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Power Lunch – “From Start-Up to Sale” with Julie Cole

May 22, 2019

We’re thrilled to be hosting our third Power Lunch session, featuring Guest Speaker Julie Cole, co-founder of Mabel’s Labels. From humble basement start-up beginnings, Julie has successfully transformed into an international marketplace leader. Her corporate event speeches have spanned across North America, and we are thrilled to be welcoming her to our Social Gourmet boardroom, accompanied by lunch from Grimsby’s local sandwich bar, 270 Bench Kitchen.

It can be difficult to know just how to get a dream business off the ground, and the risks and fears involved often deter some before they’ve even started. Join us on May 22nd to hear Julie Cole discuss her challenges and triumphs as a business owner.

Julie’s expertise has been shared on Breakfast TelevisionThe Marilyn Denis Show and NBC’s The Today Show – not to mention her contributions to countless blogs and print journals, The Huffington Post and The Globe and Mail to name a few. So, whether it’s an idea that’s been brewing in your mind for some time or you’ve already strapped yourself onto the rollercoaster ride we call entrepreneurship, Julie’s experience and anecdotes may be just what you need to push your visions further into motion.

Come prepared with your questions, as the replies may be just what you need to assist in catapulting your business idea to the next level.

Our small group setting makes for casual but informative conversations that will aid in the development of your business.

We look forward to seeing you around our Power Lunch boardroom table.

About our Power Lunch Series:

As a small business owner, one of the things we have always wanted was to attend small group learning sessions that cover some of the essential tools required for small business success. We want to get right in there and ask the experts our burning questions!

We’ve designed this series around that need, which we know our fellow entrepreneurs share. A desire to sit around a boardroom table (over great food) and learn from experts who can speak to the pain points we all experience as entrepreneurs.

We have hand-selected a group of small business experts who will bring their expertise (and their willingness to answer your targeted business questions) to our Power Lunch Series boardroom.

Let’s not just “do lunch,” let’s do a Power Lunch!